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Wood-Aluminum Windows

Cutting-edge technical innovations single family housing and commercial construction complete the spectrum of our products and services.

You will benefit from our strength, which is the capability to realize the widest variety of window products, from standard wood-aluminum windows to folding, lift-and-slide, pocket, wood-aluminum post-and-beam designs, and everything in between.

Products and materials
  • Edged or rounded aluminum shells, flush or non-flush designs
  • Aluminum insulating shells for energy-saving windows
  • Wood sorts: European pine, Asian meranti, African sipo mahogani,  black walnut
  • Multilayered timber, with the layer bonding quality D4 as per DIN EN 204 standard
  • Single piece or finger-jointed inner window liners
  • Clear or opaque coatings of exceptional quality

  • IV 68, IV 78, IV 90 double seam profiles
  • Certified energy-saving systems (individual components as per certificates)
  • Modular or post-and-beam façade systems
  • Certified by the RAL (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung, German Quality Protection and Labeling Institute) windows and doors quality organization (die Gütegemeinschaft Fenster- und Haustüren)
Meet or exceed quality requirements for windows, doors, facades, and winter gardens as per the April 24th 2003, edition

Construction and design
  • Aluminum shell, with mechanical or welded corner connections
  • Wooden profile designs in accordance with the DIN 68121 standard
  • Double-slotted-pin, counter-profiled or doweled corner joints
  • Wooden profiles with rounded edges
  • Double-sealed around the entire length of the edge
  • Flat polished, beveled, or seamed glass edge
  • Tilt-and-turn, tilt-and-slide, lift-and-slide, folding, or awning/hopper windows (types of  opening designs for energy-saving windows available upon request)
  • Trapezoid or arched windows are available on a made-to-order basis
  • Supplied by leading German manufacturers
  • Window handles offered in white, anodized colors, or to customers’ preferences

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  • Dry  glazing or wet glazing with silicon
  • Double- or triple-pane windows, with heat transfer coefficients of 1.0 – 0.7 W/m²K
  • Enhanced thermal insulation of the edge seal
  • Custom glazing upon request
  • Concealed glazing bead mounting upon request


  • Anodized or spray paint powder coated aluminum shells from the color selection  as per RAL documentation for the window system suppliers, textured or decorative wood finish available upon request
  • Environmentally friendly water-based coating materials
  • Opaque or clear surface treatment as preferred by customer and wooden window coating as per the Nickel Fenster GmbH color selection

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