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The Nickel Fenster company

On October 3, 1899, Reinhold Nickel opened a namesake carpenter shop (Tischlerei Nickel) in a town of Lugknitz (now Łęknica in western Poland). Despite multiple changes in the society, with recessions and cycles in economic development, the company preserved its image and carried on for three generations to develop into a modern enterprise Nickel Fenster GmbH represented by numerous branch offices.
Nickel Fenster GmbH (limited liability company) is built upon the longstanding tradition of Tischlerei Nickel. The modern company was created on November 16, 2007.

Reforming the company into a limited liability company would answer the constantly growing demand for new window products made in greatest variety of designs and styles. We put particular emphasis on renovation and rehabilitation of windows for historic preservation projects. Our company made a name for itself by delivering highly professional reconstruction of historic buildings.
To this day, our business is prominent for high quality, reliability, and punctuality. We are one of the leading manufacturers of wood and wood-aluminum windows in the eastern Germany.
Numerous projects and buildings, such as the Italian Village restaurant (Italienisches Dörfchen) and Grand Hotel Palace in Taschenberg (Taschenbergpalais) in Dresden, the House of Crafts in Leipzig, or Hotel Adlon in Berlin, showcase the great expertise of our team of professionals, highly capable of renovating windows true to historic originals and preserving the exact original appearance.
Our business is certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. All window components are certified by the RAL (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung, German Quality Protection and Labeling Institute) windows and doors quality organization (die Gütegemeinschaft Fenster- und Haustüren) and bear the appropriate label. Taking into account the great importance of security aspect in renovation and preservation of historical and protected buildings, we have also developed window systems certified as protection levels 2 and 3 (WK 2 / WK 3).

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Members of our professional team realizes a variety of products in

  • Windows and doors in old and modern buildings
  • Renovation of window system components
  • Protected historical buildings
  • Interior
  • Buildings with stricter technical requirements (e.g. security, fire protection, wood-aluminum systems)
  • Winter garden elements
  •  Secure windows

We have considerably expanded our product assortment with the addition of products by “Stemeseder und Gutmann” – windows and post and beam designs.
The use of CNC-machining allows us to manufacture the highest quality arched, tilt and turn type, casement and simple windows, bay window designs, as well as doors.
We constantly invest in perfection of our products and development of our production line.

Our highly professional team is 62-member strong. This allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes in supply-demand trends of the market. The high level of skills shows in the top-tier masterpieces of window construction, which we create. A modern industrial company, we have preserved our handicraft spirit when it comes to perfection in every detail.
Our knowledgeable staff can help you with any questions from planning to design, to manufacturing, to installation.

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